Friday, October 14, 2005

The Haven - my plug

"The primes are responsible for the wards of the world. This is a grave and grand responsibility which you will come to appreciate during your time at East 42. Our Code of Sponsorship is "To serve through guidance, to monitor, to improve." You will have it memorized by dinner tomorrow"

Harry Potter meets 1984 in this 71,000 word Young Adult Orwellian Fantasy. At Plebe Orientation, twelve year old Gavin Beckett accepts the Code of Sponsorship as a definition for leadership. His experiences in the vast, underground Haven, however, lead him to combat the ever tightening grip that primes have placed on the ward world above. By the time he completes the school year, the Haven, the world above and the astral plane will never be the same.


whollyman said...

So finish it already! I want to read it!

kenfusionn said...

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you are the best writer in the world .DONT EVER DOUBT IT !

kenguru22 said...