Thursday, October 06, 2005

All That Slow Fire

I give the internet a lot of credit, and I am definitely hooked; nearly anything I want to know is available. Back in college I found myself plagued by a few lines that I could not place. I was sure it was by Theodore Roethke, and searched the old fashioned way - sitting on the library floor and flipping through collections of his work. I didn't find it.

After a few years, I imagined that perhaps I was mistaken, had never read said passage, and possibly even made it up myself. Even more time passed, and newly armed with a search engine, I found it: a passage from"The Sequel" in Roethke's "Sequence, Sometimes Metaphysical," the one that begins "Was nature kind? The heart's core tractable?"

Now I have it printed out and tucked under the blotter on my desk. I feel vindicated. I was not delusional all this time. My last statement is open for debate.

Nevertheless, it is my favorite piece out of his collected works. A lot of his poetry is so heavily focused on nature that I don't really appreciate it, yet this piece has such a stronger tie between nature and the individual. I don't mean to discredit his other work; certainly he has much of merit, but here I'm discussiong what pieces I latch onto. "In a Dark Time" likewise pulls together the pastoral and the internal, but this, I think, is on another level. I'd love to print the piece here, but that would probably be infringing on a copyright, so, go out and get the book.

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kenfusionn said...

hey !
Oh , sister . You know about the slow fire . as a mostly self educated lad i also share your addiction to this medium/media ( in this instance ... actuaLLY THE SAME THING .)not only is it a vast pool of knowledge ,( and propaganda wich can be just as enlightening )
but would be rockstars like me can share their music , would be entertainers can entertain , lonely folks can chat (even at 3 AM).It is an amazing thing .want to know where to get starbucks in alaska ? GOOGLE it !Here i am talking to my sister in another state without paying long distance!
I am DELIGHTED to have access to your thoughts with the click of a mouse , or click on , and see my brother in Japan .
With your wit , and intellect you will surley be the next rising star of the bloggerati !
Yes , this power is yours ( use it wisely grasshopper!)