Thursday, October 20, 2005

Evolution of The Haven

Perhaps it was because I read Orwell, Huxley and Bradbury during my formative years coupled with my chronic phobia of Tipper Gore that I chose the themes of censorship, leadership and societal opression for my book.

Many components came together which set the writing process in motion. First, I had just finished the fifth Harry Potter book. A latecomer to the series, I had read all of the first five books within three months, and was eager for the sixth. As Potter fans know, I was in for a long wait. My son's nap time loomed ahead of me as a time when I would no longer read Harry Potter, and I was faced with the alternative of (gasp) cleaning the house. That could not come to pass.

I decided to write the book that I wanted to read. I decided to write a book that I would enjoy, complete with spectacle, action, humor, the fantastic and the creation of new worlds. I wrote a few pages of notes, and got started on chapter one.

I also have to credit my friend and co-worker, Joyce, with whom I've had some discussion concerning censorship and children. The conversations helped fuel the book.

It was a joy, after thirteen years of focusing solely on poetry, to return to fiction with a project that truly ensnared me. I hadn't thought I had the desire to go back to prose; it was a wonderful surprise.


whollyman said...

Hi, thought I would drop in and say hi. Nuts, I said it twice. Oh well, I saw your addy from your blog on poets and writers. So, where are you in the process of writing you book? Is this your first? Have you published before?

Cynthia Bronco said...

It's the first book I've written since high school, and the only one that's been typed.

The Haven is complete, save for what will happen in the editorial process when a publisher picks it up. It's 237 pages or approx. 71,000 words.

I haven't been published yet(by any paying publishers anyway).

kenfusionn said...

hey you ... post a link to your novel here . you silly cabbage .

Cynthia Bronco said...

Hey Ken!

I'd post a link to my novel, but then I'd be giving it away for free & I need to sell it 'cause I'm broke. :)

Did I email the whole book to you though? I have only made a few minor changes, mostly to the introduction paragraph.

You my bro.
"Me makey sentence" - Gavin Beckett