Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Out of Gear

It isn’t enough
To keep the v-8
At an idle in traffic --
You are close enough
To hear my heart running
On all pistons
Ready for acceleration
On an open road
Though I keep myself looking
In four shades of
Bondo, rustoleum,
Torn vinyl cap.
I’m screaming for it
With the
Coolant in my veins
Too watered down
To calm the 3 mile per hour
Crawl I’ve been sitting in
For too many exits.
I will stall
Or I will explode.
The shoulder winks at me;
There’s always room for the dead.

C. Bronco


Cynthia Bronco said...

My "Dream Deferred" if anyone was unsure. I wrote this years ago, and haven't exploded yet.

Bernita said...