Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sandwich Poll Results and Analysis

A ground-breaking precedent was set last week when Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke ruled that a burrito is not a sandwich. Read about it here:

Though I am no Culinary Historian, I do know how to gauge the pulse of the people: via internet poll.

When asked "Should the ruling that a burrito is a non-sandwich be upheld?" twenty-two members of the Absolute Write Water Cooler responded. 64% of respondents indicated "Yes. A burrito is clearly not a sandwich," and 5% chose "No. Our country needs a more liberal interpretation of sandwich." Of the remaining respondents, 18% stated "Yes, but only in states subject to Orlando Bloom," and 14% stated "You want to see a sandwich? I'll show you a sandwich, baby!" Not a single one of those polled selected "I don't care. I don't eat sandwiches or burritos," which gives striking evidence that apathy over lunchtime fare is a thing of the past.

The people have spoken; 82% of all respondents endorsed Judge Locke's decision either with or without regard to Orlando Bloom. When asked to comment, one respondent expressed concern over the classification of jaffa cakes. It seems that the Culinary Historians (capitalized for added effect) may find more and more work as expert witnesses as the courts weed out injustice among food items.

This reporter predicts that eventually there will be widespread acceptance of the burrito as a non-sandwich. It is already well on its way, as is the resurgence of the classic maxim:
"One man's frivolity is another man's burrito." Indeed.

*Cynthia Bronco has received the Pullet Suprize for Most Creative Use of Orlando Bloom in a Poll. She thanks Dawno, and credits AW for providing the means to conduct her research, and champion the ongoing quest for nutritive reform.


Dawno said...

can't. stop. laughing.

"regardless of Orlando Bloom" OMG.

Cynthia Bronco said...

Oooh, I added a picture, but now it's making me very hungry.

LadyBronco said...

Sandwiches, Burritos, and Orlando Bloom.
I don't seem to remember that combination in LOTR or either Pirate movie, but anything with Orlando is just fine in my book! ;0)

kenguru22 said...

i have nothing against the burrito (although it may be here illegally)
i have got my eye on spinach ...
spinach is up to no good . i just know it .
i used to be like "THIS" with spinach. we were thick as thieves !!
Now i feel like i lost my best friend .