Friday, April 07, 2006

Intellectual Property

I recently heard this quote attributed to T.S. (Terribly Sexy) Eliot:

"Good poets imitate, great poets steal." Hence the copious footnotes for The Waste Land I suppose! Imagine what he'd have to pay today to avoid a copyright infringement suit.

Anyhow, I'm glad Dan Brown has been let off the hook; the insanity is over. Why did it go to trial in the first place? I can guess why the suit was filed: Holy Blood, Holy Grail had fallen off the backlist sale charts. The lawsuit increased their sales 3,000% or something like that. Nice publicity stunt.


MTV said...

Cynthia -

Didn't know how to contact you so I thought I'd leave a comment.

Kind of funny. I saw your first comment at Miss Snark after I left mine and looked at your blog. I'm not that into poetry, but I like that poem below, Narcissus. In a way it borders on the subject of my first novel which is transformation. So it speaks to me from that perspective.

I also chuckled at your answer about starting to dig the hole to China from Hoboken. I went to school in Hoboken and lived in North Jersey. So I could identify with that.

Just a quick comment, since I always enjoy hooking up with sincere writers!

Bernita said...

Your blog title caught my eye.
Claimed to be the last words of one of my private heroes, Gen. Sir Isaac Brock.
In any case, it's excellent!