Monday, January 30, 2006

James Frey's Next Book

Seeing as Warner Brothers may not film his screenplay on A Million Little Pieces, he could probably use a little help brainstorming for his next project. My suggestions follow, but please feel free to add your own:

A Million Little Purples: Beginning during his fourteenth year, this memoir documents Frey's struggles as an abused, impoverished and uneducated young black woman.

The Devil Wears Creative License: Fresh out of college, Frey secures the job a million girls would die for: assistant to a high profile editor of a swanky New York fashion magazine. In order to survive in his new post, however, he will have to endure his boss's outrageous demands for latte and credibility.

(and my favorite)
Geronimo's Bones Rolling Over In Their Grave: a memoir of my half-brother twice removed from Scandinavia and Me: As a young boy, Frey and his half-brother twice removed from Scandinavia, Nasdijj, discover the meaning of kinship as they toil in migrant publishing houses and explore the possibility of becoming Navajo.

Well, I like to help out when I can. I may be crazy for giving away primo book ideas like these, but my heart goes out to those who get caught for lying and only make a few hundred grand for it.

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