Friday, January 27, 2006

In My Webster

Encarta's word of the day was "jollify." I figured that it had to be a 21st century invention by those too lazy to find the proper word, but the 1986 Webster's in my office stated that not only did jollify mean "to make jolly," but also that "jollification" was a valid term for the state of those made jolly.

I'm nearly as dejected as I was when I learned that "geniculate" was not a verb.
(By the way, it's an adjective, meaning "bent at an angle, like a knee." See "genuflect.")

Anyhow, before I can ascend to a state of jollification this evening, I have to de-stinkify the kitchen and cleanify a load or two of laundry. Oh yes, I also have to nutrify my husband and son so that they can avoid starvification. TGIF baby!

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