Thursday, October 01, 2009


How could I have forgotten to post this one?

Take a look at J.J. Cooper's new thriller, THE INTERROGATOR at

Here's a bit from a review by,

"Does ‘fast-paced’ charge as one word or two? Not that it matters, anyway. Who’s counting? Fast-paced is the word(s) of the day for JJ Cooper’s debut thriller, THE INTERROGATOR. You may remember that JJ spoke with AuthorScoop back in May and I got my hands on an advance copy well before its August release date and am back to offer up a sneak peek.

JJ Cooper’s background in the Australian Army Intelligence Corps sets well-placed strings on the protagonist, interrogator Jay Ryan, and then JJ goes and puts him in a bind (sometimes literally) of epic proportion. What Ryan knows about Iraq’s WMDs, along with his long-standing record of achievement, has placed him in the crosshairs of a conspiracy that looks to rattle the entire world. The story stacks twists like a game of Jenga, and as the pieces move with the machinations of villain and hero alike, the tower of intrigue topples to a shattering conclusion."

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