Friday, March 07, 2008


The author of the writers' watchdog website, Preditors and Editors, is being sued by a few predators.

For eleven years, Dave Kuzminski has provided countless writers with valuable industry information, informative links and helpful resources so that we can wade through the waters of hopeful representation and publication in an informed manner. This benefits writers and publishing professionals mutually; the writers know where to go and what protocol to follow, and the industry professionals have to deal with uninformed authors less frequently.

The service he provides is free to anyone with internet access, and thousands of us are grateful for it.

To get to the point, we want to return the favor and do what we can to help cover his legal expenses. Dave has saved many of us from publishing scams and fee charging agents.

(Credible literary agents do not charge fees! They take a standard percentage of an author's revenue!!!!!)

Here is the link to make a donation to Preditors and Editors:

An anthology is in the works to generate revenue for Dave's legal expenses. I will post about it as soon as the information is available. The cover is shown above.

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