Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Races to Go

I'm not looking forward to the off season. What will I watch, NHRA? I may have to.

I don't even want to hazard a guess at the Nextel winner. The points change drastically, and even the third turn on the last lap brings many surprises. Tony will have a different car this week; perhaps a chaser will win the race at Phoenix. For Homestead, however, his uber fast 20 car will be back.

We are down to five drivers for the cup championship: Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, and possibly Jeff Gordon could squeak by. Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm, I'm not saying a word. I don't want to jinx anything.

Perhaps a nice red car will win and make my son very, very happy.

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Cynthia Bronco said...

Happy Harvick!