Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today's Message Brought to You By...

We all hear grievances about "selling out," or commercialism ruining the fun of a sport or the arts. We criticize our key sources of entertainment for putting their primary focus on money; how much does Derek Jeter make?

Well, as George Thoroughgood would say, "that don't confront me." The way I see it, it's a part of our great American culture. I didn't grow up eating gelatin and freezer pops. I grew up eating jello and popsicles. My grandmother didn't get things out of the refrigerator; she got them out of her Frigidaire. That's part of the reason I like Quentin Tarantino; he recognizes that pop culture has become an intrinsic part of our common experiences. His episode of C.S.I. may have been a little over the top, but I as a viewer found the comfort and amusement in the sequence where two forensic specialists took time out to enjoy the Dukes of Hazard board game. Here I remind you that the deputy's name was spelled Enos. (Note the italics for extra emphasis).

Therefore, I'll drive to work and perk up every time I see a triple A sign because I immediately think of Mark Martin, whose commercial with Carl Edwards is extremely entertaining. The only part of the Super Bowl I pay attention to is the half time show because I like the commercials, and, if I'm lucky will see the Rolling Stones and not Janet Jackson's body jewelry. The NASCAR commercials by far outweigh half time commercials for entertainment value, and my son eats Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch fruit snacks.

If I had more money, I'd own a fine array of Harry Potter legos, NASCAR clothing, car accessories and toys. I hold on to the Mr. Bill mirror and Welcome Back Kotter record case from my youth as if they were original copies of the Declaration of Independence. When I die, my son can sell them on Ebay. Ah! I love buying Product!

Yes, yes.


kenguru22 said...

please check this link.

oh yes ,Cindy ... it's real !

the haven is real !

and it's only a 15 minute drive from my house .
..maybe they would sponsor a publication of a novel about their
little secret underground complex !!!

at the very least it would be the ideal setting for a book signing !


Cynthia Bronco said...

Yet, they didn't advertise astral projection, hmmmm.

The location, however, would be great for a book signing. Afterwards, we could do lunch!

Then we could return to the place and clean out our chakras, revitalize our auras, and perhaps have some tacquitos.

Bernita said...

Some commercials are classic art after all...